‘How to win Olympic Weightlifting Competitions Course’

This course is designed for anybody; both coaches and lifters who want to know exactly what to do before, during and after the competition.

Kazem Panjavi covers everything from IWF rules to strategies of how to win a medal. The course is full of the examples from the vast personal experiences of Kazem who competed and coached in National, International and Olympic Games.
The course will cover:

Day 1: How to prepare for a competition
• Managing bodyweight
• Managing lifters / yourself
• How to peak and taper for a competition (manual)

Day 2: At the competition
• Understanding the scoreboard
• What to prioritise during a competition
• Choosing the best strategy on the day
• How to react to other lifters
• Choosing the right weight for attempts

After the course is finished, on the Sunday evening (Usually 20:00-22:00 but can be changed) we will then use the software as mentioned below.


Kazem has designed unique software which will allow you to get a feel of the buzz of a competition. The software simulates a competition; you get to choose the lifter, bodyweight and first attempts of the lifts.

This fun practical allows you to practice and make mistakes without any consequences. This means you get to learn in virtual reality and perfect the art of competition coaching.

It helps you to make better and faster decisions which leads to guarantee medals for your lifter or yourself.

Moreover, in the manual there is included 3 different 10 days before, and a week after the competition programs, which will give great understanding when to peak and when to taper down.