Book your place for Olympic Weightlifting Seminar with Nutrition and rehabs

Advance package- How to teach Olympic Weightlifting 

What you can get and plan for : Coach, PT, PE teachers, advance lifters, Crossfit coach, athlete from other sport: 

Seminar and Master class will be at our new gym. Only 8 spaces are available for the weightlifting course which will include nutrition and rehab too.
Adam Fedorciow, experienced with many years of working with Harrow school and their rugby team, will deal with nutrition and rehab (he is also one of the top lifters at 105kg in the GB ranking list with 140kg snatch and 180kg clean & Jerk).
 Price: £120

Place: Perivale Park Athletics Track

Stockdove Way, Perivale,
Greenford UB6 8TJ