#Kazem Panjavi


Hello, my name is Kazem Panjavi to those who do not know me. I am an Olympian weightlifter, I have been to many competitions in my time and have won many titles and medals throughout my weightlifting career. I started out weightlifting when I was 17 years old. However before this I had taken part in many different other sports (from gymnastics to martial arts) and got to a very good level with them, but I then found my calling. I got very far in weightlifting, even after I had stopped competing I had formed my own weightlifting team and taken them to many different competitions and won many competitions. I had gained a lot of qualifications whilst I have been in this country. They include:

  • Advanced weightlifting coach first degree (Weight Lifting Federation of Iran)
  • Level 3 BWL Olympic Weightlifting Coach (Weight Lifting Association of U.K.)
  • Level 2 Volleyball Coach (British volleyball association)
  • Children’s gymnastic instructor

My sporting achievements include:

Gold medals:

Silver medals:

Bronze medals:



167.5 KG London open 2002


Champion gym was opened from 1999 to February 2007. During my time in in England I had also had  quite a few accomplishments :


In my time, I had coached quite a lot, some included: