My name is Adam Fedorciow and I am the Director of Performance at Harrow School. I am writing to discuss and describe the profound impact Kazem Panjavi has made on my school in the last year. I wanted to employ an Olympic Weightlifting coach around 18 months ago for the school. Having interviewed many coaches from the South East, Kazem stood out from the rest. He was extremely professional and passionate about the sport, which included a very decorated track record for not only himself but his athletes too. He demonstrates this extraordinary ability to coach young adolescents with no previous experience of weightlifitng how to Snatch and Clean & Jerk, with perfect technique within the hour. I have never seen a coach do this before. Kazem coaches with his heart on his sleeve and provides such a rich environment for people to be able to learn from him. Within the first year he has been at my school he has accomplished the following: Run the GCSE PE Weightlifting Curriculum for the School. This lead to all the pupils receiving 100% in their exams. Host a competition at the school combining Harrow School boys with adolescents from the surrounding boroughs. This lead to two Harrow boys, who had only been lifting for 4 months, to qualify for the London Youth Games held at Crystal Palace. Hold daily afternoon and evening Olympic Weightlifting sessions at the school to provide multiple opportunities for boys to learn and practice this great sport. As a coach myself, I have never met a coach get such great results in such a short space of time. You can always tell a lifter who has been coached by Kazem at a competition as they are the ones with the best technique and the most professional. There are many weightlifting coaches in the United Kingdom, yet very few with the wealth of experience, track record or desire to improve as Kazem. I would highly recommend Kazem as a coach to anyone and am very grateful to have him in my team at Harrow School.

Adam Fedorciow Director of Performance at Harrow School

I have been training for strongwoman since 2014 and im currently preparing to compete in my biggest event yet which is the Arnold Classic in America. The events were released back in December and it is dominated by overhead this year which is one of my weaknesses. I started to look at ways in which I could improve my technique for the axle clean and jerk then I discoved Kazo Olylifting. I felt like I had the strength but that my technique was letting me down when pressing and so Kazem broke my lift right back down to basics. Over the space of 5 sessions we worked on building back up to a heavy axle clean and press but focusing on removing bad habits and reinforcing better technique with each session. My 1rm was 60kg when I arrived for my first session but 5 sessions later I was hitting 60kg for 8! I really recommend Kazo Olylifting to anyone who has an interest in any type of lifting as his techniques can carry over to many events and it has definitely benefited me in Strongwoman. Looking forward to continuing to improve my oly lifting alongside my strongwoman training programme. Thank you Kazem!

Jenny Warner (Britain Strongest Woman 2016 U63kg)