Online personal trainers can provide the exercise program to help you achieve your goals, and it won’t cost you time to travel, just make an appointment. Workout in your own time not your coaches schedule.


  • 1 snatch and clean and jerk video analysis per week
  • Monthly programme to suit your needs (Will be done depending on how many sessions you do per week and what exercises you need to eliminate the errors from your lifts)
  • 15 minute Skype/FaceTime consulation regarding your lifting
  • Advice to correct technical errors
  • You will receive the service within 48 hours of sending in the videos of your lifting


Simply let him know:

Your Age:

Weightlifting Experience:

Sport background:

Best record of your:

  1. Power snatch
  2. Snatch
  3. Power clean & power Jerk
  4. Clean & jerk
  5. Back squat
  6. Front squat
  7. Snatch pull
  8. Clean pull
  9. Bench press
  10. High Jump
  11. Long jump
  12. Flexibility



£200 per month.

£1080 for 6 months (10% discount)

£2000 per annum (12 months for the price of 10)


  • 1 video analysis (Snatch and clean and jerk)
  • Spotting technical errors from the lifts
  • Advice on how to correct the errors


Varied Price


video analysis