Book your place for Olympic Weightlifting Master class 

To learn, develop and correct your technical issues

This Master Class: work on your technical problems

It is ideal for lifters who have weightlifting background and looking to improve & correct their technique in 3:30hrs training session with video annualizing of their lifting.

Masterclass : 8 people max, only £65

What you can get and plan for:

Master Class package:  ”Saturday afternoon”

14:00 : Ice breaking and warm up and special stretching for weightlifters
14:30: 60 min Snatch includes Overhead squat, Snatch balance, Power Snatch & Full Snatch

15:30: Tea break and 15 minutes video analysis /giving feedback on your technical lifts

15:45, 60 minutes Clean.
16:45, 30 minutes Push press, power Jerk, squat Jerk and Jerk

17:15 15 min Video analysis and giving feedback on your technical lifts

17:30min : questions and answers for training plan

17:45 : finish