How to read the scoreboard Webinar:

Streaming of the competition scoreboard simulation designed especially to train coaches in my coaching course.
Max 6 people:  £30

This webinar is designed for anybody; both coaches and lifters who want to know how to use the scoreboard at the competition with less stress.
We designed unique software which allows students to feel the near enough buzz of a competition. You get to choose the lifter, body weight, first attempts of the lifts.

It’s so much fun and allows you to practice and make mistakes without any consequences.

This means you get to learn in virtual reality and perfect the art of Competition Coaching. It helps you to make better and faster decisions which leads to saving medals for your lifter or yourself.

We will run 3 online competitions:
1- With fix lifters  from software and you will coach only one lifter in 1 minute countdown.
2- With fix lifters from software and you will coach only one lifter in less then 40 second countdown.
3- With 2 lifters ( in your choice) in same time in 1 minute count down.
We will talk about good decisions and bad decisions at the end and will explain why after.

Pay here:

External link for stream click HERE