Schedule & Time Table

Please see below schedule of the courses and seminars  Half day Master Class 01/06/2018 from 1 pm to 4 pm Half day Master Class For Lifters who want to improve and correct their technique Hard training for 3 hours and 30 minutes video analyzing / £65       ———————————————————————————————————— 22/07/2018 from 12 pm to […]

Olympic Weightlifting Master class

Book your place for Olympic Weightlifting Masterclass                                                             01/07/2018 To learn, develop and correct your technical issues This Master Class: work on your technical problems It is ideal […]

Weightlifting Nutrition Book

Power Grub – The Ultimate Nutrition Guide For Olympic Weightlifters This book will help you cut unwanted weight, gain functional mass and peak you for competition so never underperform again. Not only that but you will also discover the secrets to building strength, recovering faster and actually looking like you lift weights. You will be […]

Adam Fedorciow Bio

“Adam Fedorciow is the go-to specialist in Late-Stage Injury Rehabilitation and Athletic Development.  As the founder of, Adam shares his expert insights into how optimise movement and health. However, his methods are quite different to most and are taken from his love for travel and training with some of the best coaches from around […]

Seminars & courses date

Book your place for Olympic Weightlifting Seminar   Max 8 people 22/07/2018 Advance package- How to teach Olympic Weightlifting  What you can get and plan for: Coach, PT, PE teachers, advanced lifters, Crossfit coach, an athlete from other sport. 12:00 pm: Icebreaking and warmup 12:30 pm: 90 min focus on Snatch step by step. 14:00 pm: […]